The Origins of This Mad Idea!

In around November 2013, Neil came up with the idea of doing something ‘out of the ordinary’ for his 30th Birthday. The obvious idea was to ride 420 km through one of the most unhospitable, hot, dry and humid locations on the planet. The location for this ‘Einstein moment’ was propped at the bar of Neil, Chris and Ted’s local pub, ‘The Two Brewers’. After some strange looks from Chris and Ted, the persuasion of a further ten-or-so pints from Neil turned those looks into comments of “yeah, I’ll do it”, “it won’t be that bad” and “I’m well up for that”.

The following morning with heads starting to clear, some major issues began to crop up. Neil didn’t own a bike, nobody was in tip-top shape and the discussion from the night before just seemed a little like it was going to become one of a long list of drunken ideas that was to be long forgotten. None the less, brochures were ordered and the more they read over the challenge, there more it began to appeal. The next major issue would be getting permission from the bosses (!)…Emma, Charlotte and Nicky!


About deathvalleycycle2014

3 novice cyclists facing the challenge of our lives cycling Death Valley in November, in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital.
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