Shock to the system!

Training began and this was to be a lot harder than first envisaged (in particular for Neil & Chris). Ted is by no means a ‘cycling novice’, however due to the nature and demands of his work at this time of year, he was to get out of the blocks and start training a lot later than Neil & Chris…this was a head start that they needed! Neil & Chris run their own businesses so the time that they could allocate to training was to be sporadic. None the less, initially, every spare moment was to be used and they were out on the road. It was a slow build up, especially for Neil. Chris had been jogging regularly for over 6 months beforehand so there was an element of fitness and stamina there which certainly helped. Neil had spent the last 5 years sitting in an office chair, then on the sofa at home with a drink in hand! The mileage started slowly, first a 5 mile circuit of the surrounding villages of Thornborough and Thornton, then an 8/9 mile route encompassing Nash and Beachampton. 20 odd miles a week was good, and obviously more than they had been doing before, but with 60 miles a day across 5 days as their target in Death Valley, this was just a warm up in comparison! A shock to the system indeed!


About deathvalleycycle2014

3 novice cyclists facing the challenge of our lives cycling Death Valley in November, in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital.
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