Trip to Harley Street to meet Greg Whyte!

I think the three of us will all agree that the highlight of this roller-coaster journey so far was our visit to see Greg Whyte on Wednesday. After much communication since February between Neil and Greg, we managed to pen a date in the diary to meet him. There were a few reasons we decided to do this; 1 – We wanted to get some invaluable advice from an Olympian and Sports & Exercise Professor. 2 – He’s trained people of varying sporting and physical ability and condition and managed to get them to swim the British channel, climb Kilimanjaro and run consecutive daily marathons among many other amazing feats! 3 – You don’t pass up the chance to get advice and insight from someone that knows what they’re talking about!

We traveled down on the train from MK station straight into Euston, and because of the tube strikes, we took the pleasant walk to Harley Street where the Sports Clinic was based. At this stage, we still weren’t too sure what we were going to get from the meeting, or if he would have much time for us, or even whether the bloke was going to be very receptive to what we were doing. Luckily, I can honestly say he was one of the nicest blokes you’ll ever meet (it must be down to his upbringing in Luton like mine!) and he took an hour and a half of his busy schedule to show us around the clinic and go for a coffee with him.
After taking us around the clinic and showing us the amazing things they do there, we went for that coffee and sat down with him to tell him what we were training for. He gave us some fantastic advice, tips on how to raise more money for the charity and is even going to send us all a training plan for us to focus on up until November. On top of this, he has offered us the opportunity to go down to the clinic again for tests on some of their world leading and technologically advanced machinery to help devise plans and statistics for each of us. We’ll also be taking him up on his offer of meeting at the clinic and cycling around Hyde Park with him one afternoon! We left the meeting really pleased we had all taken the day off to meet him, and Greg has agreed to keep in contact with us up until the cycle ride in November. He has also offered to help in any way he can with our fundraising efforts!
All in all, it was a fantastic day where we got invaluable advice, from a world leading sports and exercise Professor at Harley Street, but more than that, he was just like one of us…..only fitter, in a tailored suit and fitness guru to the stars!

He’s worked with Gary Barlow, David Walliams, Eddie Izzard, John Bishop, Alan Shearer, Robbie Savage and Davina McCall to name but a few, now he can add Neil Gothard, Ted Barber and Chris Cox to that illustrious list!
Greg Whyte


About deathvalleycycle2014

3 novice cyclists facing the challenge of our lives cycling Death Valley in November, in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital.
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