Donations, publicity & Ted’s back!

Donations, publicity & Ted’s back!
Working in a senior role for a Formula 1 team pre-season meant that Ted was in Spain and Bahrain for a month, and upon his return, we were glad to have him out training with us, although he was probably just happy to be back home to see his wife and two young boys. Seeing Neil and Chris clad head to toe in lycra wouldn’t have been what he was looking forward to on the plane journey back I’d imagine! Whilst Ted was away, the wives had built up a head of steam and had got together and come up with some fantastic ideas to raise money for GOSH. All of our charity events will be advertised on the blog and Facebook pages (the links are at the bottom of the blog here too). We have had some local press interest too so when the local paper decided to do an article, the wives jumped at the chance and with much trepidation, the husbands did as they were told! There we were, all lined up, cycling down the road, handle-bar to handle-bar, lycra, helmets, cheesy smiles and much laughter as the local photographer tried in vain to get the ‘action shot’. After all of that, it was a static photo that was taken of us all arm in arm on a Tuesday lunchtime on Charlotte and Ted’s driveway that made the final cut! Quite an experience! We’ve even been tweeting celebrities to help spread the word of what we’re doing on social media. To our surprise, we’ve had re-tweets from the likes of Jeff Stelling and most incredibly, Rubens Barrichello!
When we set up our Just Giving page, we had put in a rather adventurous target of £15,000 to raise, but you have to push yourselves and we agreed that if we could get anywhere near that target, we’d be very happy indeed. What we have been totally blown away with is people’s generosity. We still have just under 7 months to go and we have managed to raise over £1000 in total already from individuals and businesses.


About deathvalleycycle2014

3 novice cyclists facing the challenge of our lives cycling Death Valley in November, in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital.
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